Picture of me by someone I miss

Yes, that’s me. I’m definitely not a looker so don’t think this is some narcissistic post where I say how great I am. This is about the photographer. She was a great friend, a bloody great friend! She helped me through some real trying times. Pulled me out of the gutter and though she may not think it, she slapped some sense into me. We kinda grew apart, her and I. Looking at this picture reminds me of her. No, it’s not lust or love…well, actually, it could be construed as love….but purely platonic. Don’t get me wrong, she was definitely a fine gal but it ends there.

I havent had many friends in my life…no, let me correct that. I haven’t been able to hold onto many friends. I was quite the depressed, gloomy young man and at times I feel like I still am. She was the antithesis of me and I miss talking to her so very much.


~ by nav on November 19, 2008.

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