alcohol…hard troubles

I’m a bit of a drunk. Every other day I have a glass of wine or whiskey in hand. I crave the buzz….that sensation….I never want it to leave. I’m writing this post after drinking my fair share of wine so excuse my grammatical errors and forgive me if I stray off-topic. For some reason i can’t seem to formulate any sentences. Damn! I have some work due in a few hours. Let me think of something clever to say about network security. Nope, I got nothing. But I am looking at some pRon. It’s a habit….like late night phone calls. There is a problem though. I can’t seem to get an erection. I hate this! Alcohol, specifically wine, does this to me. I may see the most beautiful girl or the most sluttiest slut but my little friend won’t stand up and acknowledge her existence. Believe me, I try oh so very hard to become…well, just that….oh so very hard. But it won’t happen! Does this happen to every man or is just me? I’d research it but my hands are too busy trying to solve a very delicate problem



~ by nav on November 21, 2008.

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