Past? Present? Progress? Pt. 1

About two years ago I hit rock bottom. A trickle of tears turned into a virtual downpour. A roaring torrent of salty water laying waste to the few good things in my life. With a barren wasteland before me I scavenged for enough food to survive each day. Time, unfortunately, did me no good. In this hellhole, where each day is a constant struggle, the lightest feather can cause an earth shattering ripple. That’s how it was for me, is for me. Day after day, a constant struggle to find reason, to justify my hope. Fiery demons living in glass bottles and aluminimum cans keeping me company. They say nice things, bad things, naughty things and haughty things. Thats what I like about the fire demons. They feed me lies. Scorched earth as rolling hills. Rotting corpses as pretty flowers. But the fire demons never stay for long. I have to lull them back with dull coins and wrinkled notes.

I can’t keep feeding the lies.


~ by nav on June 14, 2009.

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