Blind me with your light!

There is this boy, possibly a young man, talking to the woman he loves via the Skype protocol. His volatile internet connection plays havoc with his cyber love life. No, I must correct that statement. This has transcended the anonymity of the internet, the cyber realm, the world wide web. From the dreary interface of his Mac’s multi-messenger client to the poorly programmed interface of Skype, his love is being communicated digitally, day after day, night after night. This love now permeates his dying heart. This paltry boy has been on a downward spiral for years and years. He has been on the path of slow suicide and now a sudden spark has gotten his pistons pumping and his engine rumbling. A sudden jolt of hope. A glimmer of happiness.

“Come into the light”

But tis not death that beckons him, it is the real pearly gates of his his world, the open arms of a short, feisty, intelligent, creative, caring and painfully erotic woman. Her online alias mirrors the one notion that has kept him alive for so long. The promise of hope. The second portion of her alias, a promise of lasting peace and tranquility. But as the white light of her embrace shines fiercely upon me, it unfortunately cannot keep the demons of old at bay. Their claws scrape at his feet, drawing blood, inflicting immense pain. So while the shining light is surely bright enough to blind, the howls of his past are painfully loud and painfully clear.

I say to you, young man, don’t let them win. Tis a chance at happiness. At long last, a possible possibility. Wouldst thou let it go? Wouldst thou let the demons win? I surely hope not. I remember a long time ago when you felt a similar light shine down on you. Was quite a bright light indeed. That light was but a candle flame when compared to the supernova before you now. Where one simply lit the cobbled stones at your feet, this supernova lights up the very night. I suppose those demons are hard to ignore with their incessant howls and clawing claws. The pain is too much at times and you fall to your knees, with clenched fists and clenched jaw. The supernova continues to shine bright, white and vibrant.Begone, you wretched creatures!

To your words of hate, I SAY THEE NAY!

To your constant degradation, I SAY THEE NAY!

To the perpetually consuming darkness, I SAY THEE NAY!

That young man, as I’m sure you’ve learnt by my slip of tense, is me. I’ve been tossed around on the roller coaster of life. Up and down, side to side. Occasionally a low flying bird smacks into my face and the debris of a decrepit ride leaves deep gashes on my forehead. I’m on a trip upward now, here’s hoping the ride continues up, up and away to that proverbial cloud number 9.


~ by nav on June 17, 2009.

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