Having one of those downers. Thought Prozac was supposed to help me with this. Doesn’t seem to be doing a thing. I’d love to make some creative, imaginative post describing my mood, what I’m feeling right now but I can’t even string a few proper sentences together…

…and so I end this trivial post.

Wish I could end my life as easily as I end this post.


~ by nav on June 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “blah”

  1. Hi,
    I can relate to blah, even to “wish I could end my life as easy as I end this post,” because I’ve been there for so much of my life.

    BUT, it’s not as easy to get here on earth as we we’d think. So, when I get as down as you seem to be now, I go my doctor and tell her. It may mean a higher dose, or another medicine–it’s not easy to figure out, but isn’t your life worth fighting for?

    I want to share something I’ve realized: When depressed we seem to be IN a shadow world, but it’s not real. The doctor’s call it a missing chemical and it is, but it’s like a fake window shade blocking the light. The chemicals help us to let the shade up, but when we’re on them long enough (for me, 16 years), we realize we can leave the shade up on our own if we want to. Or we can use the medicine.

    Either way, life is worth it. You are worth it. Go see your doc.

    Pam B

    • Thanks. I appreciate your comment. I also agree with you, when you’re depressed it’s as if a thick dark veil has blocked out the light from your eyes. My dosage of Prozac may not be enough to life this godawful veil but as the day progresses, I do have the occasional glimpse of light.

      I just wish the veil would stay up.

  2. Me, too. It seems that some of us have to work at that more than others. But we all have something to work at, so may as well be this for us, right? Hang in there and please see your doctor.
    Pam B

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