Busy week with more to come

My days are filled with activity. My departure from this anti-paradise looms near. Eventually I shall be rid of all this weight. The wounds shall gradually heal with a combination of antidepressants, love and independence. Ironic how I mention independence with antidepressants. Of course I am referring to my being on my own, away from my immediate family. I hope this need to struggle for survival will give me the motivation I need to live. Complacency has made me a withered old flower, just waiting for the last wisp of wind to blow away my discolored petals. I hope to see a real psychiatrist while I’m there. One that feels compelled to help me and not just prescribe. I do want the meds but I want them to help. M&M’s have more of an effect on me. If I could take an M&M every hour I would no doubt be much happier.

That is it for now. I have taken my daily dose of anti-D and I can already feel that settling fog that is Prozac.


~ by nav on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “Busy week with more to come”

  1. You should take an em and em an hour! i support this habit completely đŸ™‚

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